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Our Project

By means of international cooperation supported by funding we want to achieve the following:

  • improve the position of early education teachers by use of high quality of teaching methods and tools applied

  • enrich the institutions by use of these new tools

  • ICT equipment to teach in early education,

  • modify the curricula by examining our partners methods and approaches to teaching in key competences, emotional intelligence and eco-friendly solutions in the institutions and spaces,

  • highlight the role of support staff in early education by involvement in the realisation of  project, increase their motivation and self-development

  • increase the role and prestige of each institution in their towns and the quality of work by international cooperation.

In the realisation of the project internationally we want to achieve:

  • modification of the curricula and their implementation through activities based on the needs of children’s learning from various cultural backgrounds, developing foreign languages skills and by introducing new methods and strategies of teaching  to improve the quality of early childhood teaching.

  • eliminate routine activities, create tools to trigger creativity in acquiring Key Competences in Maths, Social, Environment and Languages

  • support the acquisition of skills and key competences by enhancing their learning results and reaching success; enrich the educational offerings of the institutions through project activities and by building new eco-friendly spaces, teachers exchanges, new methods of teaching, involving many teachers and support staff in each institution.

  • create international cooperation by e-mails, ICT tools, and meetings. Experience shows us that these types of relationships can be long lasting.

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